We prepare website design data, which convey how users will interact with the page. There are several aspects of the web design:

  • Visuals: colors, typography and images

  • Layout: spacings, alignments etc

  • Content: texts, graphs etc

A ready design can be used further to develop an actual website.

Tool we use

We use Figma for our web design work.

Figma is a popular design tool used my millions all around the world. The main advantages of the tool are real-time collaboration, easy sharing and commenting as well as plenty of available plugins.

We also use other tools to prepare design assets (images, videos 3D models etc).

Figma Screen


We implement a clear linear process to streamline our work.



We create wireframe to map website content and user exeperience. It serves as a skeleton for the future site.


Design concepts

We prepare several patterns for main visual section design to let you choose from possible tastes.


Detailed design

From the pattern you choose we design the rest of pages. We encourage clients to have a look at the work at some points to provide thier feedbacks.



We give you an archive file with design and all assets when the work is finished. You can later use this file for development.

Why us

Modern design

We follow industry trends and build design, which is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Considering development

Our team is well experienced in website development so we build and easy to build designs.

Attention to details

We pay alot of attention to small detials in design and appreciate client's feedbacks.


Related Services


Assets Design

We prepare visaul assets for your website: images, videos, icons and 3D models.

Design to Webflow

We develop a Webflow website from your existing deisng data.


We provide regular check-ups, fix errors, add new content and give recommendations.

Accelerate your growth on web

We build websites which empower your team to grow rapidly. Submit your project request and we will be in touch shortly to discuss how we can help.

Our customers
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