An introduction website for Terackathon - a NoCode hackathon being held at Buddish temple in Kyoto, Japan.


Terackathon is a new event, which was just held once at the moment of building this website. FIrst batch of hackathon participants was gathered with students connection, but to expand the event and attract new sponsors, organization comittee wanted to have a modern website.


The main need for the website was to appeal to both students and corporations to become possible participants or sponsors respectively.

It should have explained the concept of the event, its benefits and tell about already held hackaton to make a social prove.


In LikePay we wanted to make a design, which would highlight two sides of the events - the "hackathon" side of tech and modern spirit and a side of the event taking place at buddish temple in Kyoto - a very traditional city in Japan.

We made a use of large fonts and overlays to highlight the modernity of the website and composed it with high quality images of the duddish temple environment.

Webflow animations played an important role of adding the wow effect to some of the website sections and appealing to students and companies.

We used Webflow CMS to maange reports of the past events. At first the 1st event report was just placed on a top page, but with the next event and its report comming, there was a need to manage it more efficiently and CMS feature made a great job here.


ForNeighbors Inc

Scope of work

Design, Webflow Development, Maintanace



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